From Fiverr to Thriver

For professionals on Fiverr who want to increase their hourly rates, get more clients and create a business that supports the lifestyle of their dreams in under 90 days.

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Does this resonate with you?

You are most likely underearning because you’re based in a third-world country. 

You need to start getting paid for your skills and experience, not where you come from.

You want to earn a great living, spend more time with your family, have more fun, invest in cool projects, support charities and create the lifestyle of your dreams.

You’ve wanted this for a long time now, but nothing seems to change.

And here’s what it looks like:

  • You want to increase your rates, but you’re afraid no one will buy from you anymore
  • You are tired of the overcrowded market and the high level of competition
  • You’re working long hours trying to pay your bills
  • There never seems to be enough money at the end of each month
  • Some months you’re doing okay, other months you cannot find a single client
  • You dream about retiring someday, but right now that seems impossible
  • You’d love to invest in a cool project or charity, but you have nowhere near the money to even think about this

But it doesn’t have to be this way!

I’ve supported over a hundred freelancers and entrepreneurs taking the next step in their businesses

How? By showing them how they can approach their business in a completely new way, creating NEW results, instead of repeating the things that were not working for them.

My former clients have been able to increase their hourly rates to $100/hr and sell custom packages for $2000 up to $10,000! Why? Because I helped them implement the same strategy that I’ve used to generate leads, create mind-blowing offers that clients cannot say no to, and promote myself online in a way that attracts premium buyers!

This will work for you, if you’re committed to getting an amazing result and if you’re committed to taking action and following the steps that I teach you.

3 totally not true perceptions about offering your services online as a freelancer

Perception #1

My hourly rate is maxed out because of where I come from or where I am currently located.

Perception #2

There is too much competition for me to be able to charge more for my services.

Perception #3

It’s difficult to find new clients and every month I won’t know if I have enough money to live off.

Ready to do things differently?

That’s exactly why I’ve created From Fiver to Thriver!


For professionals on Fiverr who want to increase their hourly rates, get more clients and create a business that supports the lifestyle of their dreams in under 90 days.

Open the doors to abundance, freedom and live the life of your dreams together with your loved ones!

This program is broken down into the following six actionable modules:

1. Rockstar Branding

In this crowded market (Fiverr included), you can be the best at what you do, but no one will notice you if you don’t know how to stand out.

I will help you get noticed, big time.

  • Turn your social media presence into a highly-magnetic gateway for leads
  • Learn how to speak directly into your ideal client’s desires and needs, so that attracting them to your offer becomes easy
  • Start working towards a rockstar identity so that people from all over the world know why they should work with you

2. Hourly Rate Recoding

When you’re working for an hourly rate, we want to make sure that you maximize your earnings so that we can start creating more freedom for you to navigate your life and business growth.

  • Learn what’s currently holding you back from charging higher rates
  • Establish the most optimal hourly rate for you and your clients
  • Start revenue mapping based on your new financial expectations and how you want to start forming your products & services

3. Mind-Blowing Offers

Have you ever heard of the “offer you can’t refuse”? That’s one of my signature modules and will help you close bigger deals more easily, make more money and save time all at the same time!

  • Learn how high-ticket sales are going to help you quantum leap your business
  • Learn how to craft a mind-blowing offer and get support in creating your first one
  • Learn how you can take out any objections of fears of your potential clients so they have literally NO reason to not purchase your services

4. Respectful Sales Strategy Implementation

No one likes the front-door sales guy with his sales tactics. I will help you become a trusted advisor instead, who offers solutions to your client’s problems.

  • Learn how to turn your sales calls into heart-centered and transparent conversations
  • Let go of any sleazy sales tactics that might cause trouble down the line between you and your client
  • Learn how to get consistent sales calls for a consistent monthly income

5. AI-Powered Client Creation

You need an audience to sell your services and products to.

Without an audience, you won’t sell, and that’s a disaster for your business.

I will help you develop highly effective lead generation and management systems.

  • Learn how to find and attract high-ticket clients without paid ads and use AI (Artificial Intelligence) to your advantage
  • Learn how to nurture and prepare cold leads to become warm and hot leads
  • Learn how to increase your renewal rates

6. Scale & Optimize

After implementing all of the previous modules, it is time to start scaling and optimizing your business to maximize your success.

  • Learn how to create multiple mind-blowing offers for your clients to choose from
  • Learn how to create offline products & services for passive income
  • Learn how to hire a team to support you with business operations

Stop fiddling with your website, designing a new logo, printing business cards and cleaning up your Google Drive!

It’s time to start SELLING and see money flow into your bank account!

Who is it for?

This is for freelancers who:

This is not for freelancers who:

What my clients say

"I crafted a business plan to turn my hourly client services into highly profitable services so that I can stop hustling and have more time for fun and adventure."
Personal Trainer
"I am finally feeling confident and happy about my offers and was able to close my first $2500 client!"
Personal Power Coach
"I now know how to network like a pro. My hourly rate tripled. And I'm finally working on projects that I love!"
Cloud Specialist
"Within two months of the program, I've hit my first €10.000 month!"
Holistic therapist

Hey! I'm your host

I am a public speaker, professional uplifter, and an intuitive & strategic business mentor helping freelancers and entrepreneurs sell high-ticket offers with ease and scale their business to $10K+ per month!

And, I've worked as an IT professional for nearly twenty years!

As an entrepreneur and business owner during the past three years, I have helped over a hundred freelancers and entrepreneurs in Europe, South-East Asia, and the US take the next steps toward success in their business and financial results.

And now, I want to help you!

Because what I see is that there are so many freelancers working on Fiverr who are not earning what they are worth. You are underearning and trying to compete with more than 2.5 million freelancers on Fiverr who are all very skilled and experienced, like yourself.

So how do you stand out from the crowd?

That’s just one question I will answer during the masterclass From Fiverr to Thriver!

I want you to become more successful and happier, and live a life of total freedom, just as I did for myself.

And above all, I want to disrupt the IT freelancing industry. 

As I do not believe in a world where professionals from third-world countries are supposed to earn less than professionals in, for example, Europe and the United States.

You should be paid for your skills and experience, not where you come from.

So - are you ready? 

Sign up for the masterclass for free here on this page, and join me live on Zoom to learn more about improving your business and financial results so that you can create the lifestyle of your dreams.

I hope to see you there!

Here’s what you’ll get when you join F2T:


From to Fiverr Thriver

Total value:


Regular price:


Introductory offer:


Or pay in the following  instalments:
2 payments of $600 ($1200) or 3 payments of $500 ($1500) 

Only 25 spots available for this promotional price!

How can you offer so much value for such a low price?

This is a proven program and typically sells for $10,000 per person. I know that if you’re based in a third-world country, this is an unachievable amount for you.

So I decided to launch this custom-tailored program for freelancers based in third-world countries or those unable to make a big investment and still would like to make a big financial impact on their lives. Because I want this for you, regardless of where you come from.

That’s also why this program is only available for those outside of Europe and US.

P.S. I know this might all sound like another motivational scam where I will tell you “YOU CAN DO IT” in a hundred different ways.

But as I have implemented the sales, marketing and lead generation strategies for myself, and for my clients, and see the results they create, I feel confident telling you that if you take the steps I will teach you, and are committed to making an effort, it will work.

The results you create in this program are up to you.

What I teach is a universal approach to business growth.

For those that are fully committed, you will notice a sizeable increase in your income very quickly, regardless of your background or where you are from.


We are scheduled to start at March 10th, 2023 and will have weekly group calls for 12 weeks until 26th of May, 2023.

With weekly calls on Fridays, the calls will be held from 10:00 – 11:30 Amsterdam time.

The calls are scheduled for up to 90 minutes, but might finish early if all participants are on track and have no additional questions.

No, refunds will not be given.

The sales are final, which means that receiving the teachings and tools from René cannot be unlearnt after he shares these with you.

If you implement these teachings, you will most definitely make back your investment! 

Amazing! Use the Messenger icon in the bottom right of your screen to reach out to René directly!

These teachings are universal for any business and René has supported photographers, webdesigners, coaches, IT professionals and therapists with these teachings.

So, yes this will work for you.

The only thing you need to do is follow the steps that René shares with you, and implement to get the result.

You should expect the following time commitment in order to create a meaningful result:

  • 90 minutes for the group calls each week (12 weeks)
  • 2-3 hours per day for homework and implementation from Monday to Friday (more is better!)

If you commit to spending 2-4 hours a day to implement all the teachings, you can start seeing results in the first month of the program.

Your result may vary from increasing your hourly rate to selling high-end packages with ease to premium clients.

It depends on what your goal is and how committed you are!

Making an investment can be really scary.

I know! Because I’ve been there too.

But I also know that investing in yourself is a way to supercharge your growth and to skip timelines!

The only reason why this investment turns out to be a waste of your money is because of several things:

  • You think this is a magical pill and that you don’t need to take any action or make any effort
  • If you think René is going to do all the work for you
  • If you think this is a “get money quick” hack
  • If you don’t think it’s possible for you to improve your situation
  • If you’d rather read books and try finding your way in the dark by yourself for the next 5-10 years

So – if you are committed, and willing to follow my instructions, you will get the result!

©2023 René Boss