From Fiverr to Thriver

For professionals on Fiverr who want to double their hourly rates, get more clients and create a business that supports the lifestyle of their dreams.

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Next Masterclass:

Saturday, 25th of February, 2023 @ 1 pm Singapore time.


Your host:

René Bos
IT Professional & Business Coach

Your host:

René Bos
IT Professional & Business Coach

In this free masterclass you’re going to learn:

More money

Learn about the three biggest reasons that keep you from earning more money as a freelancer.

More work

Want to be fully booked and never worry about not having work? Learn what makes you an irresistible professional for your clients.

More time

What if you could work more efficiently and earn money in ways that will give your more time instead of taking more time? I’ll teach you how!

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Hello! René here…

I am a public speaker, professional uplifter, and an intuitive & strategic business mentor helping freelancers and entrepreneurs sell high-ticket offers with ease and scale their business to $10K+ per month!

And, I've worked as an IT professional for nearly twenty years!

As an entrepreneur and business owner during the past three years, I have helped over a hundred freelancers and entrepreneurs in Europe, South-East Asia, and the US take the next steps toward success in their business and financial results.

And now, I want to help you!

Because what I see is that there are so many freelancers working on Fiverr who are not earning what they are worth. You are underearning and trying to compete with more than 2.5 million freelancers on Fiverr who are all very skilled and experienced, like yourself.

So how do you stand out from the crowd?

That’s just one question I will answer during the masterclass From Fiverr to Thriver!

I want you to become more successful and happier, and live a life of total freedom, just as I did for myself.

And above all, I want to disrupt the IT freelancing industry. 

As I do not believe in a world where professionals from third-world countries are supposed to earn less than professionals in, for example, Europe and the United States.

You should be paid for your skills and experience, not where you come from.

So - are you ready? 

Sign up for the masterclass for free here on this page, and join me live on Zoom to learn more about improving your business and financial results so that you can create the lifestyle of your dreams.

I hope to see you there!

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This masterclass is happening on:

Saturday, 25th of February, 2023 @ 1 pm Singapore time.
(If you're unable to join this one, sign up anyway because there will be replays and more dates coming!)

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It's totally free!