A 4-Month High-Touch Mastermind to Help You Scale to Consistent €10K+ Months and Experience Financial Freedom Doing What You Love

To the conscious entrepreneur reading this…

What if you could add an extra $100K/year to your bottom line without burning yourself out?

How would it change things for you?

Would it bring you the peace of mind that you so badly need?
Would it enable you to serve your clients at the highest level?
Would it help you live the life you can’t stop dreaming about?

Because here’s the thing!

I know you’re great at what you do and you’ve already cracked the code of making money online. You’ve been working with paying clients and bringing in €3-€5K/month.

But the problem is…

You’re having a HARD time growing your income to consistent €10K months and beyond!

Because MORE money for you means MORE clients and you don’t have the time or energetic capacity for that (you’re already fully booked).


Here’s what it looks like:

I believe entrepreneurship shouldn’t be about working yourself to death for minimal reward.

You can create high-income months while working less!

Wanna know how? Keep reading…

The Limitless Methodology


With so many things to do in business, focus on the things that truly matter and bring you SOLID results.


Get out of your comfort zone and launch a high-ticket offer that will increase your income + impact faster than the speed of light.


Start working less while earning more by building a lean dream team. Hello, magical experiences and peace of mind!

Hello! René here…

The guy who makes scaling easy for growing entrepreneurs who are on the verge of burnout. Now you must be thinking… “but what qualifies you to help me with my business?”

Well! I’ve launched five different businesses in the last three years, trying to crack the code of high-cash months and find alignment. As I was doing this, I was spending way too much time on business (14-hours days were not uncommon), because I wanted to make it work!


All other areas of my life started to suffer (my health, my relationships, my peace of mind), and the reward of my efforts was nowhere near what I desired them to be.

I knew there had to be a way to build a wildly profitable business without running yourself to the ground. So, I decided to invest in my growth and learn from EXPERTS who were living the life I desired to live, growing their businesses the SMART way.

Once I did that? I started experiencing amazing results ($20K pay-in-full clients, freedom to live in my dream country, flexibility to do the things that my heart desires).


I learned 3 KEY things that made all the difference in my business.

  1. You can bring in $3-$5K/month using hit or miss marketing, but scaling requires prioritizing and FOCUS.
  2. Treat your business like a REAL business. There are some systems & structures that can make your life heaven on earth.
  3. Doing things all by yourself can take months or even years! Hiring the right help can get you to your destination in HALF the time.

And now I help my clients become LIMITLESS.



A 4-Month High-Touch Mastermind to Help You Scale to Consistent $10K+ Months and Experience Financial Freedom Doing What You Love

Imagine yourself in a (digital) room with other high-achieving experts & coaches who are working towards 10K, 20K, 50K CASH months. A place where you can be YOURSELF (zero judgment), share your dreams + struggles, and get coached personally by me to create a ‘Scale Plan’ that works!

We’ll spend 4 complete months focusing on KEY areas of growth in your business, so you can get rid of the overwhelm and know exactly what you need to do to sign high-ticket clients with ease and fully serve them.


- A captivating brand presence with a clear marketing message.
- A smooth-running marketing & sales process to attract and enroll high-ticket clients
- Systems to avoid repetitive tasks and save time
- And a lean team that gets your business the way YOU do



Pay in Full - € 8.000
or 4 payments of € 2.500

Only 8 seats available

Zero fluff! You will only get what you need the most

This program is broken down into the following 8 actionable modules.

1. Wealth Activation

Nothing will work out if you’re not in the right mindset. Your business should flow, without too much effort. We will help you be in a high flow state.

  • Learn the effects of your mindset on your life and business
  • Learn how to uplift your mindset
  • Learn how to think beyond your current limits and start moving towards incredible results

2. Branding Clarity

Without Identity Alignment, your audience will be confused and less excited about buying from you. That’s why we will help you with a complete facelift of your branding.

  • Get clear on your professional identity
  • Learn how to establish a strong brand that matches your personality
  • Learn about ways to integrate your branding in your daily marketing

3. Stand Out Marketing

In this crowded market, you can be the best at what you do, but if you don’t know how to stand out, no one will notice you. We will help you get noticed, big time.

  • Turn your social media presence into a highly-magnetic gateway for leads
  • Learn how to speak directly into your ideal client’s desires and needs, so that attract them to your offer becomes easy
  • Start working towards a rockstar identity so that people from all over the world know why they should work with you

4. High-Ticket Offer Creation

Have you ever heard of the “offer you can’t refuse”? That’s one of our signature modules and will help you close bigger deals more easily.

  • Learn how high-ticket sales are going to help you quantum leap your business
  • Learn how to craft a mind-blowing offer
  • Learn how to improve your sales call structure and increase your close rate

5. Organic Lead Generation

You need an audience to sell your services and products to. Without an audience, you won’t sell and that’s a disaster for your business. We will help you put in place highly effective lead generation and management systems.

  • Learn how to find and attract high-ticket clients without paid ads
  • Learn how to nurture and prepare cold leads to become warm and hot leads
  • Learn how to increase your renewal rates

6. Soulful Sales Strategy Implementation

No one likes the front door sales guy with his sales tactics. We will help you become a trusted advisor instead, who is offering solutions to your clients problems.


  • Learn how to turn your sales calls into heart-centered and transparent conversations
  • Let go of any sleazy sales tactics that might cause trouble down the line between you and your client
  • Learn how to get consistent sales calls for a consistent monthly income

7. Tech & Systems

Every business needs tech & systems. And we want to help you do it right so that you don’t have to think about it anymore.

  • Get help with your website, automated sales pages, e-mail list and other online systems that will improve the user experience for you and your customers
  • Learn how to set up a private community and gather your audience together and keep them close to your future launches
  • Automate and delegate the tasks so that you can focus on the things that light you up

8. CEO Leadership & Life by Design

We don’t believe that a CEO should be working all of the time. That’s why we will help you build a team and teach you how to delegate properly to give you back your time.

  • Learn which tasks and activities should be delegated first
  • Learn how to optimize your time and focus on the most important things only
  • Have more fun in your business! Make money while you’re asleep and see your business grow without you moving a finger!

That's not all!

Exclusive bonuses

Bonus #1

Rocket Power Kick-Off

To make sure you start the program off strong, you will receive a bonus 60-minute Rocket Power Kick-Off Session with René. Get super clear on your way forward and focus on the right things so that your desired results can happen much quicker.

Bonus #2

Breakthrough Coaching

You will get three to six bonus sessions with our breakthrough coaches to clear any limiting beliefs, old patterns and other roadblocks that prevent you from taking the next powerful step in your business. You will be unstoppable!

Bonus #3

Reprogramming Hypnotherapy Tracks for Abundance & Wealth

By reprogramming your brain, you can call in more abundance and wealth in your life and business. These hypnotherapy tracks are a premium product and are gifted to you as a bonus to call in those € 20.000 to € 50.000 months.

Fast action bonus

Dedicated Branding & Operations Team

For the first three signups, we will include access to our dedicated Branding & Operations Team. Which means that you will already have a team available to you, without needing to hire anyone!

This also means that you can have the experience of what it’s like to have your own team and focus on the things that really excite you (and not on the tasks that you dislike so much).

Having a team is like rocket fuel for your business and will accelerate the growth of your business while you are asleep.


This is for:

This is not for:


Your team is taking care of business while you are enjoying a week away with your partner in your dream destination. There is more money available for you than you know what to do with. And you’re changing lives with your work on a GLOBAL level.

This becomes YOUR reality when you become LIMITLESS.

Before you go…

I know investing in yourself is scary. But know this- you’re capable of so much more! And you know that with some support, you can make it happen.

I’ll take you by the hand and support you in going after your dreams and desires. You don’t have to do it alone. And having someone by your side that knows the way, is going to save you a lot of time and trouble.

Book Your Free Strategy Session

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The new mastermind launch dates will be made available at the end of 2022.

If you want to start now, just reach out to René here to see if you’re a fit for the program!

This is a 4-month program with three calls per month (as you’ll need time to implement changes and have some downtime to take care of yourself and integrate new teachings).

This is a group program and we’ll be working together with the group during each call. You do get a bonus kickoff call with Rene of 60 minutes when you sign up to get you started right away.

Yes! This is a serious investment, so if a payment plan works better for you, then that’s no problem of course.

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