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For conscious entrepreneurs who want to experience
financial freedom doing what they love.

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Happening on:

30th of June, 2022 for 60-90 minutes
(9 AM Amsterdam timezone)
(4 PM Bali timezone)


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René Bos, Founder & Lead Coach

In this free workshop you’re going to:

Learn about the three most important steps when it comes to growing to consistent $2K+ months

Say goodbye to worrying about money. Say hello to the liberating feeling of financial abundance.

Experience what it's like to work together with a business coach

Please bring your questions, concerns, ideas, and receive feedback from René, just like he would do with his premium clients!

Connect with like-minded entrepreneurs

Networking and connecting are one of the most powerful things that you can do to grow your business. So make sure you connect with the other participants!

It's totally free!

I’ve launched five different businesses, trying to crack the code and find alignment. As I was doing this, I was spending way too much time on business (14-hours days were not uncommon), because I wanted to make it work!

All other areas of life started to suffer when this was happening, and the results and rewards were nowhere near I desired them to be, seen my efforts.

I received the downloads and methods from several 7-figure earning mentors, and was able to implement these in my own business and life, which now makes all the effort worth it and allowed me to scale my business to €20K months and see this number growing rapidly. I have a team in place so that I get to focus on the things that light me up, which makes all the difference.

This is where I help most of my clients make radical changes to their businesses. Optimizing their setup. Coming up with new, refreshing ideas and offers. Turning the business that they’re passionate about into something that is actually supporting their lifestyle, instead of their life being ruled by business.

With this shift, you can finally start living your dream life, while making heaps of money, and enjoy what you do, every single day.

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This Workshop is Happening on:

30th of June, 2022 for 60-90 minutes.
(9 AM Amsterdam timezone)
(4 PM Bali timezone)

The time to take your business to the next level is now!

It's totally free!