About me

Hello! René here…

I am a public speaker, professional uplifter, and an intuitive & strategic business mentor helping conscious entrepreneurs sell high-ticket offers with ease and scale their business to $10K+ per month!

With the experience of having launched five successful coaching & personal development businesses, I have helped over a hundred entrepreneurs take their businesses to the next level.

I'm on a mission to help thousands if not millions of entrepreneurs experience financial freedom doing what they love while making a positive impact in the world.

Now you must be thinking… “but what qualifies you to help me with my business?”

Well! I’ve launched five different businesses in the first three years of being an entrepreneur, trying to crack the code of high-cash months and find alignment. As I was doing this, I was spending way too much time on business (14-hours days were not uncommon), because I wanted to make it work!


All other areas of my life started to suffer (my health, my relationships, my peace of mind), and the reward of my efforts was nowhere near what I desired them to be.

I knew there had to be a way to build a wildly profitable business without running yourself to the ground. So, I decided to invest in my growth and learn from EXPERTS who were living the life I desired to live, growing their businesses the SMART way.

Once I did that? I started experiencing amazing results ($20K pay-in-full clients, freedom to live in my dream country, flexibility to do the things that my heart desires).


I learned 3 KEY things that made all the difference in my business.

  1. You can bring in $3-$5K/month using hit or miss marketing, but scaling requires prioritizing and FOCUS.
  2. Treat your business like a REAL business. There are some systems & structures that can make your life heaven on earth.
  3. Doing things all by yourself can take months or even years! Hiring the right help can get you to your destination in HALF the time.

And now I help my clients become LIMITLESS.

If that’s what you want for yourself, then definitely reach out to me on Telegram here or check out my program page here.