2-Hour VIP Business Accelerator

Implement high-impact changes in your (new) business to sell $2K packages as soon as possible, or scale your business towards $10K-$20K per month.

You are running a business that you’re passionate about, or perhaps you’re just getting started!

Whether you are hitting a ceiling in your business or cannot figure out what you’d like to offer and for what price, staying stuck in the unknown wastes your precious time and energy!

In this 2-hour VIP business accelerator, you will get VIP access to René and work on all your business's moving parts.

René has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs take the next step in their business journey and has supported his clients to make the jump from $0/month to $2000/month and helped them hit their first and next $10K months!

Unique special offer

This business accelerator is a special offer, as René does not typically work with people if it’s for less than three months.

And with investments starting at $10K, René decided to offer you this deal, in case you are not ready to make a $10K investment right now but still would like to make some big shifts in your (new) business.

Client successes

Clients of René have been super successful with the implementation of newly designed strategies.

Some have earned $2K in the first month after their session. Others have doubled their revenue from $5K to $10K within the first month of working together with René.

What result are you going to celebrate with us?


The investment for this accelerator is $500, excluding VAT.

Want to get started?

Payment ($500 excluding VAT)

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What my clients say

"I crafted a business plan to turn my hourly client services into highly profitable services so that I can stop hustling and have more time for fun and adventure."
Personal Trainer
"I am finally feeling confident and happy about my offers and was able to close my first $ 2500 client!"
Personal Power Coach
"I now know how to network like a pro. My hourly rate tripled. And I'm finally working on projects that I love!"
Cloud Specialist
"Within two months of the program, I've hit my first €10.000 month!"
Holistic therapist


Whenever you are ready! After completing the payment, you can book the session with René through his online calendar.

No, refunds will not be given. The sales are final, which means that receiving the teachings and tools from René cannot be unlearnt after he shares these with you. If you implement these teachings, you will most definitely make back your investment! Those who have gone before you have earned between $2K and $10K with these teachings!

Amazing! Use the Messenger icon in the bottom right of your screen to reach out to René directly!